A man’s best friend used to be a dog. Today, without a doubt, it is his phone. A woman’s best friend was a diamond. Now, it is her mobile phone. It is not surprising, then, that human beings are looking to their phones for advice about their health. What may have appeared crazy a decade ago is no longer so far-fetched. As countless teens stare longingly into those small screens and grow up to be adults who do the same; Moses’ tablet of ‘The 10 Commandments’ has been cut down to app size.

Healthy Lifestyle Apps 2017: Let Your Phone Manage Your Health

There are a host of healthy apps available for you and your best friend in 2017. Runkeeper is a fitness and healthy lifestyle digital diary; which will run on iOS and Android devices. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal helps you keep that regime in place by tracking what you eat and lets you set targets to achieve. Shopwell is an app designed to assist you in buying healthy food and ingredients. All of these lifestyle apps are great reminders to do the right thing in the moment.

A Fresh Start

If you are looking for a fresh start toward a healthy lifestyle, then, one of these apps may just be right for you. There are, even, apps designed to encourage you to meditate, one is called Headspace. So, if you are someone who is prone to appreciate nagging, then these electronic nags could be a game changer for you. Eating and drinking can be pleasurable activities, and for some, can be problem areas. In days gone by, the problem used to be finding enough to eat, and now, it is an oversupply for wealthy westerners, which is the bigger problem.

Managing Your Health

Managing your health is an important component of modern living; but there are, also, those among us who are way too worried about their health. Obsessing about diet and fitness can be a mental disorder in itself. Balance is the key in all things; but easier said than done, of course. A healthy lifestyle app can be a superficial helper on the road to wherever you are going, but let’s not kid ourselves about digital technology. It does not lie at the heart of the matter, it records and can organise some of the details around the edges. Get a life, why don’t you?