You can almost find anything on the Internet. In fact, there is an online marketplace for nearly everything. If you need a cab, there is a smartphone application for that. If you need organic produce, there is also an application where you can buy your supplies and delivered at your doorstep. There are also smartphone apps if you want to check the weather, need traffic updates, or check the latest news. More so, you can meet new people, shop online and book hotel rooms right at your fingertips. Technology never fails to surprise us. Nowadays, you can now satiate your sexual urges by booking escorts and sex workers online using your smartphones.

Click Pick Wet Wick Apps

There are endless possibilities with today’s smartphone applications. You can even book a brothel tour from an app. But if and when you feel like liberating your sexual tensions, there are mobile apps available at your disposal.

  • Ohlala

Ohlala is an app first launched in Germany just this year. It is similar to the popular hookup app Tinder, but in Ohlala, users set their price for them to meet or hook up with other users. According to the CEO of Ohlala, the app is “somewhere between an escort service and a dating app.”

As of now, the app has more than 13,000 users. The ratio of men to women is estimated at 10:1. This being said, the company is looking forward to lower this comparative extent.

  • Utoopi

Through Utoopi, app users are given access to a roster of registered local escorts. One good feature of this app is the diversity of available escorts. There is the usual male and female escorts, and shemale escorts. In fact, the company’s tagline reads as “Everything you want is waiting for you in one click on Utoopi.”

  • Peppr

Peppr works as the online pimp. Users can browse through an array of available escorts in the area. It is like the digital and convenient counterpart of a red light district. Peppr also has a feature where users can choose their preferred body type, race, skin color and so much more in an escort.

  • The Gentlemen’s Navigator

This app is exclusively for straight males only. The Gentlemen’s Navigator offers users to locate adjacent escorts. The app can also geolocate nearby strip clubs, massage parlors, and nightclubs.