It is inevitable for us to come across obstacles as our life goes on. Some of these challenges present physical, mental or emotional barriers. Luckily, these apps can address the disability help people with various impairments greatly need.

1. Learn Braille and Learn Sign Language
These two apps will surely help the blind and the deaf. Through Learn Braille Alphabet, gaining an understanding of the language is easier and more interactive than ever. iOS users can download the app, while Android users can learn Braille using Braille Guide for FREE!
The deaf can also master the sign language through Spread the Sign. Android users can download the “world’s largest sign language dictionary” in the Playstore. On the other hand, a similar app is available in iOS which is Marlee Signs.

2. Talkitt
Talkitt is a smartphone app that helps people with speech, motor and language disorders. Through the app, slurred pronunciation from those suffering from stroke and brain damage or with Cerebral Palsy and autism, are translated into words or speech that are clear and comprehensible. Another amazing feature of the app is that it recognizes almost all languages.

3. Avaz
Avaz is an application developed to cater the needs of children who are non-verbal or are having speech problems. Examples are kids with Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. The app lets users create messages using picture symbols and voice synthesis. Avaz can also be used for speech therapy sessions, in-house development of language skills, and in daily communication.

4. Virtual Voice
There is an array of text-to-speech apps available in the market right now. One of which is Virtual Voice. The app comes to the aid of mute, deaf and other non-verbal users when having a conversation with other people.
It works by typing the sentence, then hitting the “speak” button. The voice that comes out of the app sounds robotic, but Virtual Voice makes it up through its other features. For instance, it has a voice-to-text tool for the deaf, and text color choices for the visually-challenged and color blind.

5. HearYouNow
HearYouNow is an app developed by a Dutch company that manufactures hearing aids. The app can regulate the volume of the sound around the users. It can also lessen the background levels or optimize foreground sounds. HearYouNow works by jacking an earphone or headphone into the smartphone. Then, the app amplifies the sound using different frequency bands.

6. DyslexiaKey
DyslexiaKey is an iOS app intended for dyslexic people. Users can read words or sentences more clearly through the heavy base line and alternating stick/tail length features. A similar Android app called Keyboard for Dyslexics repositions or switches round the keyboard letters in sequence on the smartphone.